Session 7B: Exposure management

Session chairs

Martin Seipenbusch, Managing Partner, ParteQ GmbH, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Christof Asbach, Dr.-Ing. & Head of unit, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA), Germany,

Session abstract

Exposure Management of Nanomaterials comprises the characterization of exposure to particulate matter in the nano regime but also policy issues and abatement measures related to it. While exposed subjects in principle include humans, animals and the environment and exposure may occur during any stage of the nanomaterial’s life cycle, the main focus of this session will be on occupational settings, where critical exposures are most likely.

For exposure characterization methods and strategies for the measurement of particles in the gas- and liquid phase are critical. A very important aspect here is the discrimination of nano materials from the background. The second aspect mentioned above encompasses questions related to legal limits for nanomaterial exposure and the appropriate ways for the establishment of safe work environments as long as there are none in effect. In this context suitable abatement measures and strategies for emission prevention in the production,  handling and processing of nanomaterials are of key importance.

Session program

  • Assessment strategy for nanoparticles in workplace air – Invited presentation
    Dirk Dahmann
  • Occupational exposure to nanoparticles: monitoring and management in industrial settings – Invited presentation
    Mar Viana
  • Exposure assessment to noaa at workplace – an opportunity towards a safer and more responsible development of nanocomposites: NANOLEAP project
    Cécile Ducros
  • Evaluation of and risk management measures for the handling of carbon nanotubes in a laboratory
    Johannes Pelzer
  • Assessment of personal exposure to airborne nanomaterials – A review of measurement equipment
    Christof Asbach
  • Explosion hazards of nanoparticles
    Douglas E Evans