Session 8B: Risk assessment & management

Session chairs

Wouter Fransman, Senior Scientist, TNO, The Netherlands,

Keld A Jensen, Senior Researcher, the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Denmark,

Session abstract

Environmental release and human exposure to manufactured nanomaterials may be associated with a range of industries and use of nano-enabled products. The nanomaterials will have highly different levels of potential hazard, which will require different control strategies for precautionary risk management. The uncertainties on the risks urgently needs to be carefully addressed to prevent that excessive stakeholder risk perception blocks the benefits of nano-enabled products. Sound scientific information and predictive models needs to be developed to identify potential risks of nanomaterial exposure scenarios and nano-enabled products and, when considered unacceptable, efficiently mitigate such human health risks. This has to be done in a holistic manner, taking into consideration all stages of the life cycle of these products. This ensures that the risks associated with a nano-enabled product, throughout its whole value chain, will be appropriately evaluated and mitigated to an acceptable level.

Session program

  • Current status of nanomaterial risk assessment models and strategies to risk management – Invited presentation
    Wouter Fransman
  • Selection of proven risk management measures (RMMs) to control the exposure to ENMs – Invited presentation
    Carlos Fito
  • An analysis of the OECD WPMN dossier regarding the availability of data for risk assessment
    Michael Riediker
  • A critical and in-depth analysis of the environmental aspect of the OECD SP dossiers
    Steffen F Hansen
  • Development of a Nano Exposure and Contextual Information Database (NECID)
    Johannes Pelzer