Session 1B: Physic-chemical characterization requirements and methods for grouping and risk assessment

Session chairs

Wendel Wohlleben, Senior Scientist on characterization of nanomaterials at BASF SE , GMC/R – B7, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany

Rambabu Atluri, Post.doc. at the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Denmark,

Session abstract

Engineered nanomaterials are becoming increasingly relevant for regulatory scrutiny for two reasons: the EC definition of nanomaterials forced industries to identify conventional particulate materials with production volumes above 100,000 tons/year as nanomaterials, and consequently to re-evaluate their safe production, use and disposal. Additionally, innovative nanomaterials continue to enter the markets in many areas. There is still considerable uncertainty on risk for environmental and human safety because of the diversity of nanotechnology over many substances, applications and products.

Tools for identifying risk are currently of high interest for regulators, industries, and scientific community.  In the section, “Physicochemical characterization requirements and methods for grouping and risk assessment”, our speakers will review phys-chem properties of nanomaterials, appropriate methods, and implementation in tools for grouping and risk assessment.

Session program

  • Challenges and lessons learnt during the implementation into the GUIDEnano Tool of a systematic evaluation of similarity between nanomaterials – Invited presentation
    Gemma Janer
  • Multi-assay implementation of the ECETOC grouping framework: Reactivity & dissolution results on families of pigments & silicates – Invited presentation
    Wendel Wohlleben
  • Characterizing nano-sized particles using scanning electron microscopy
    Anders B Bluhme
  • First order risk assessment for nanoparticle inhalation exposure based upon pulmonary inflammation and surface area dose
    Antti Joonas Koivisto
  • Grouping of manufactured nanomaterials: Strategies within NANoREG and NanoReg2
    Rambabu Atluri