Session 8A: Nanomaterial epidemiology & biomonitoring

Session chairs

Enrico Bergamaschi, Full Professor, University of Turin, Italy,

Anne T Saber, Senior Researcher, National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE), Denmark,

Session abstract

Animal studies on the toxicity of engineered nanomaterials (EMNs) and epidemiological studies of the adverse health effects of process generated nanomaterials suggest that workers in the nanomaterial industry may be at risk. Since ENMs belong to a rather new technology, only few epidemiological studies on short-term effects and biomarkers of early effects have been performed so far. The aim of this session is to review the state of the art, the preliminary findings and the critical issues of finalized and ongoing studies within the area of nanomaterial exposure scenarios.

Session Program

  • Health surveillance and epidemiology in nanomaterial workers worldwide – where are we today? – Invited presentation
    Michael Riediker
  • Epidemiological surveillance of nanotechnology workers: Past and new challenges based on the French example – Invited presentation
    Irina Guseva Canu
  • Occupational exposure and health effects of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
    Liliya Fatkhutdinova